Children and Clients Give to Aid Others, Aug. 2015

It never ceases to impress us how young folks willingly join in the effort to support our community.  The Queen Anne Passionate Pirates, a group of 9 young children and their parents, collected hygiene products, clothing and food which they dropped off at the office.  Their Moms had instilled in them the importance of giving to those less fortunate.

The willingness of children to help others does not stop there. All of the third grade classes at Coe Elementary School jointly participated in buying raffle tickets for a chance to obtain the end-of-year Art Project.  We were delighted that the $100 raised was donated to the Helpline to help our clients.

Speaking of clients, Andrew, whom have seen as a client, brought in several bags of clothing and some shoes from a closet clean-out which he and his family did.  Andrew had an opportunity to get cash for the items,  but opted instead to donate to the Helpline.  Andrew stated that he “… had nothing but good experiences here when coming for assistance”.  So Andrew decided to give back to his local community so that others in his position could be helped.

It is stories such as these which inspire the Staff and volunteers at the Helpline to keep on working for the greater good.  We hope to be able to bring more such examples of how caring our community is in the future.