GiveBIG on May 5th! Apr. 2015

Queen Anne Helpline is participating in the Seattle Foundation’s 24-hour GiveBIG donation drive on May 5th. Donations you make in support of your community and your neighbors will have a magnified impact on that day thanks to Metropolitan Market’s $2500 challenge grant and the Seattle Foundation’s stretch pool.

Even modest donations of $25 will fill two Healthy Food Bags with nutritious emergency food. Such emergency food can supply a few days worth of meals for a disabled person who has difficulty getting to a food bank. An emergency food bag recently relieved pressure from the limited budget of George, a recently unemployed father, who needed to feed his children. More generous donations will pay a utility bill as it did for Gail, a senior who was in jeopardy of not having heat or lights in winter.

Your financial support of your neighbors who are experiencing unexpected hardship has a BIG impact. Individual donors provide 80% of Queen Anne Helpline’s funding. Please donate online on May 5 between 12 a.m. and midnight through the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG fundraising event.