Ready for Fall! Sept. 2015

The famous Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” seems to have arrived with a vengeance. All around us we see Seattle’s extraordinary economic boom. Construction cranes and traffic abound and housing prices are soaring. At the same time our neighbors at the low end are being squeezed and are struggling. Consider this remarkable statistic: in the last year the number of seniors who came to us for assistance increased by 45%. Forty-five percent! Many seniors live on a fixed income that is simply not keeping up with cost of living increases. With medical issues a big concern for this age group, it is shocking that so many elders living in our neighborhoods are finding themselves in such desperate situations.
We’re also hearing more and more from hard-working families and individuals, longtime neighborhood residents, whose rents are rising faster than they can keep up with. Or people like Jeffrey, a recent veteran, who came to us for help with housing because of a delay with his VA assistance. Or the mom whose son was diagnosed with a rare cancer and chose to stay by his bedside, forced to choose between comforting her son and receiving a paycheck. There are so many others, but you get the idea. These are our neighbors. You won’t notice them as you pass on the street because the only difference between them and us is they don’t have a safety net when an emergency or personal crisis hits.
This is the reason the Queen Anne Helpline exists, and why your support continues to be crucial. We don’t receive government grants — it is your support that makes our work possible. That’s why I am asking you to continue your support and join your neighbors and friends by attending our Taste of Queen Anne fundraiser on October 10th. This fun (and delicious) evening is a perfect way to do good while having a good time. Please don’t delay getting your tickets (individual or a table for 8). We expect about 300 guests; last year we sold out so we are expanding capacity this year. We’ll have fabulous fare from top local restaurants, live jazz from Tim Kennedy trio, a hosted wine and beer bar, and our legendary Golden Raffle, with more amazing prizes than ever. What’s more, it’s all happening right on top of Queen Anne at St. Anne Church Banchero Hall. Buy tickets online on our website — — or just call us at 206-292-1540. Ticket prices increase from $100 to $125/person after Sept. 12th, so don’t delay. We can’t wait to see you and your friends on Oct. 10th!