Youth Making an Impact! June 2015

Ever wonder how you can make an impact on your community? Look no further than the actions of some young folks in Queen Anne. For instance, Masai, a 5-year old in our service area, asked his friends to bring food and hygiene products to his birthday party instead of presents.  The Random Acts of Kindness Kids in Mrs. Perez’ 3rd grade class at Coe Elementary collected hygiene products for our clients.  To help in the distribution of these toiletries, the “Kids” packaged a variety of the hygiene items in individual bags. They then used their creative and artistic skills to attach hand-drawn notes of encouragement.  Our clients so appreciate these bags. How thoughtful of these youngsters! The class then personally delivered the bags to the QAHL office and had a chance to see where our clients come in for assistance as well as ask questions.

Then there is a young man who wanted to make an impact in different way, so he organized a men’s clothing drive for his Eagle Scout project. This was a great way to not only help replenish our men’s clothing bank which is always in need of clothing and footwear, but also increase awareness about those less fortunate in our community to those youngsters who helped him in his Eagle Scout project.

Another group of young folks which has been such a great help to the Helpline, is the 7th grade class at St. Anne’s. Over the course of the school year, the class came in several times to help clean and do small projects around the office as part of their community service curriculum. Because of their help in straightening up the clothing bank and restocking the emergency food bags among other things, Staff and regular volunteers were freed up to more directly serve our clients.

All of these young folks are setting great examples for their peers as well as developing an understanding that there are those who are less fortunate through no fault of their own. We are truly fortunate to have young folks who appreciate that there are needs to be fulfilled and act with a generous spirit.