Vision     Mission     Values

Queen Anne Helpline envisions a compassionate Queen Anne community that supports the financial stability, education, and health of our neighbors.

Queen Anne Helpline improves the lives of our neighbors in need by educating our community and by mobilizing the caring support and generosity of the Queen Anne community.

All clients are treated with dignity, respect, and confidentiality. We do not discriminate in any way. We are a compassionate, friendly and positive organization whose goals are to:

  • Help our neighbors
  • Represent our community
  • Do greater good


Nancy Wood, President
Ron Wright, Vice-President
Michell Pihl, Treasurer
Gwen Brown, Secretary

Board of Directors
Susan Belanich
Diane Carroll
Mary Donovan
Lane Nothman
Ann Pearce
Michael Siderius
Lisa Verner
Maureen Welch


Lisa Moore, Executive Director
Kristin Moore, Program and Operations Manager


In the early 1980’s Dick Rhodes, owner of the Thriftway grocery stores, noticed something odd. Many of his older customers were coming in and buying pet food, yet Rhodes knew they did not own a pet. Turns out, they were hungry and pet food was all they could afford. Fueled by his social justice values, Rhodes teamed up with several other community leaders and in 1982 the Queen Anne Helpline was formed, the first of five neighborhood based Helplines. Longtime resident Pat Sobeck was hired as the Executive Director, a position she held until her retirement in 2012. Although there have been changes over the years, the basic mission of the Queen Anne Helpline has stayed the same – to assist neighbors during times of hardship. After 32 years the Queen Anne Helpline continues this mission under the leadership of Executive Director Lisa Moore. By providing financial and other basic needs assistance to residents of the Queen Anne, Magnolia and South Lake Union neighborhoods, the Helpline ensures that several thousand people annually have secure housing, are able to pay their utility bills, and have adequate food and clothing.


We are grateful for our many partnerships and continually seek to strengthen and expand these relationships. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from neighborhood businesses, faith based groups, schools and community organizations. To leverage resources and maximize our impact we work collaboratively with other non profits including the Queen Anne Food Bank, Ballard Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, and Dress for Success. We also want to thank our numerous individual donors for their generosity. Without you our work would not be possible. Click  HERE for a full list of our partners.